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Vinotheque Support

Vinotheque FAQs

We have a proven track record of not just meeting but exceeding our client’s expectations; all the while offering an unmatched customer service experience.

Vinotheque Support


Purchasing major appliances can be a pretty exciting experience,  especially when it's a new refrigerator. And from choosing a  brand that offers the features you need to explore designs you  prefer, the appliance shopping process can take weeks or even  months — depending on your desires. Needless to say, purchas- ing an appliance is a considerable investment. And for those who  prefer quick shopping experiences, the time, effort, and cct  combined is daunting.

If you find yourself somewhere in this process, you're not alone.  We at Uptown Appliance Repair Have over 40 years of supporting  appliance investments. We ofen encounter customers who  bought their dream fridge only to discover that poor maintenance  and proper appliance repair is needed.

Vinotheque Support

Vinotheque FAQs

We hope this troubleshooting guide below will help answer the most common problems in regards to  your Bosch dishwasher. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to ccll us at (281) 758-9978 ss further troubleshoot or to arrange one of our specialized Bosch technicians to resolve any problems.

  • My refrigerator is not keeping temperature and makes a ‘beeping’ alarm sound. What could cause this issue?


    Unfortunately, the main reason for a beeping alarm is a failing main control board assembly. For a control board  replacement and assembly by a qualified technician, please call us at (281) 758-9978 ttdule an appointment.

  • My wine cooler is leaking water, is this normal?


    No! Cellar units do not create water. If your wine cooling unit is dripping, the water is excess condensate which can only be caused by a leak in the wine cellar. If this happens, please do the following:

    Find and close any air leaks in the wine cellar, and ensure the cellar door is sealing well

    Frequent opening and closing of the door will allow warm, moist air to enter the cellar, and may lead to excess condensation. Try to limit the amount of time that the cellar door is open during humid conditions.

    Raise the Minimum Set Point of the cooling unit to 58 degrees or above.

    Check the seal at the top of the cabinet to make sure there aren't any gaps where air could infiltrate into the cabinet.

    Check the evaporator drain, the drain may be blocked or broken causing the leak.

  • My wine cellar is not keeping proper temperature, what could cause this issue?


    Is the unit in the on position?

    Is the breaker tripped?

    Is the outside unit coming on?

    Compressor failure

    Evaporator fan failure

    Condenser fan failure

    Low refrigerant level


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