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We hope this troubleshooting guide below will help answer the most common problems regarding your appliance. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to call us at (281) 758-9978 to further troubleshoot, or to arrange for one of our specialized technicians to resolve any problems.

My Thermador dishwasher is not draining water. What could cause this issue?

Unfortunately, the main reason for a beeping alarm is a failing main control board assembly. For a Thermador control board replacement and assembly by a qualified technician, please call us at (281) 758-9978 to schedule an appointment.

The first thing we recommend is to check the breaker for power. If the power is on, please turn off your Thermador refrigerator for 15 minutes and power it back on. A simple reset may help the unit cool again.

We recommend vacuuming your condenser unit every 6 months. A dirty condenser may cause serious cooling issues. This is a simple task that can be done with a home vacuum.

The condenser has a cooling fan motor that can fail, causing the compressor to overheat. When this happens, the refrigerator may go into safe mode and stop the cooling process.

The evaporator cooling fan motor fails when the motor stops the entire cooling process. You may notice temperatures in the refrigerator ranging from 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water line that feeds your ice-maker and water dispenser may be kinked or broken which can cause a leak.

Thermador French door refrigerators and bottom freezer refrigerators are prone to having defrost issues. The electronic defrost is a common failure after 10 years of age. Please contact us at (281) 758-9978 to schedule an appointment if you believe the issue is related to the defrost.

The electronic water valve that feeds your ice-maker and water dispenser can stay in the ‘on’ position, causing an overflow of water. Please call us at (281) 758-9978 to schedule an appointment for service if you believe this may be the reason for the leak.

A worn or torn door gasket can cause external air to enter the system.

An inefficient compressor unit will stop the cooling.

I would first make sure that the water filter is not restricted. A restricted water filter will cause the dispenser to stop working.

Please make sure that the water line is not frozen over.

Refrigerators are equipped with an electronic water valve that feeds the refrigerator with water. This electronic water valve fails with time and use. Please call us at 281-758-9978 If you would like to schedule an appointment for service.

The ice dispenser may be blocked by excessive ice.

The ice dispenser is powered by an electric motor. This motor can fail over time due to corrosion build-up.

The electronic control panel can have a shortage. If the control panel is shorted, the dispenser will not dispense ice anymore.

Gas ovens have igniters that ignite the gas. This is the main culprit for non-heating Thermador gas ovens.

Thermador electric ovens have electric heating elements that may fail. Please call us at (281) 758-9978 if your oven is not heating properly and you suspect the heating elements may be the issue.

Please make sure that the breaker is not tripped as some breakers are equipped with “dual breakers.” If one trips, your Thermador oven will not heat.

First, we would recommend ensuring the burner caps are installed and properly aligned in the allotted slots.

Excess corrosion or grease can cause the clicking issue. Please make sure the burners are clean.

The clicking sound can also be caused by a defective electronic ignition module assembly or wiring shortage. This requires more technical expertise and experience. Please call us at (281) 758-9978 to schedule an appointment for service.

Worn door hinges are the #1 reason why Thermador oven doors don’t close properly. Replacing the door hinges is a simple task, but we recommend calling a qualified servicer to perform this service.