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Ice-Maker Support

Ice-Maker FAQs

Trust Over 40 years of combined appliance repair experience! At Uptown we pride ourselves in offering reliable, professional support. Connect with us, and we'll help you get your appliance up and running like new!

Ice- Maker Support


Ice is a pretty simple addition to any drink, but it makes a difference, especially for those who don't stick to the lukewarm beverage rule. When many people think of it, their ice makers could seem like an insignificant home appliance. But that can all change after a long day at work or while hosting for the holidays — because refreshing drinks aren't typically warm.

At Uptown Appliance, encourage regular maintenance when it comes to gas grills to prevent any issues down the line. But, if you find you're already having issues, we're here to help. Our team of technicians has over 40 years combined experience in providing quality care for premium appliances.

Ice-Maker Support

Ice-Maker FAQs

We hope this troubleshooting guide below will help answer the most common problems in regards to  your ice maker. If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to call us at (281) 758-9978  to further troubleshoot or to arrange one of our specialized Bosch technicians to resolve any problems.

  • Why is my ice maker not filling up with water?


    First make sure the fridge is plugged in the wall socket. Then make sure the switch in the inside of the freezer is switched on. If all these things are set, make sure the area where ice is stored is not obstructed. Contact us if you are still having problems! We’re here to help!

    My ice maker is only dispensing crushed ice, how do I get more cubed ice?

    It’s pretty normal to have this issue. Usually reselecting “ CUBED” solves this problem. After you’ve selected “CUBED” let the machine start a new cycle and wait about an hour. 

  • How do I clean my dispenser?


    Using undiluted vinegar, soak the item for 30 minutes or until you begin to see deposit lift away.

  • Why is my ice clumping?


    It can be a number of things. However, the most common thing is low food content.

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